My Story

I created Rasling Hair Serum in 2007 because there were so many carcinogenic chemicals in everyday household products on the market, I found it impossible to buy a chemical free, natural hair product for my family.

It became so popular with family and friends, I was encouraged to expanded the range to include natural skin care and soap, in 2017 Rasling Raw was born.

Rasling Raw is a certified Australian Made & Owned, home based business in Gembrook, Victoria. Products are hand made by me, paying attention to detail, to bring you a selection of soaps, hair and skin care that I’m I’m sure you will love!

The water used in all Rasling Raw products has been charged with Rose Quartz crystal to promote self love and healing as well as Shungite to purify the water.

As an extension to the water components in our products, Crystals & Crystal Healing Kits are also available.

Thank you for supporting small Australian business.

Rosanne Asling